Soup! Colchester, That is: ColchesterSoup

Hello all!! I am writing this blog on my phone, such is my dedication to both blogging and the subject at hand today. Forgive me for any errors, I am used to writing on a keyboard, and to me, part …

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Soup! Colchester, That is: ColchesterSoup

Erin Summers Norman

Hello all!! I am writing this blog on my phone, such is my dedication to both blogging and the subject at hand today. Forgive me for any errors, I am used to writing on a keyboard, and to me, part of the writing process is moving about and handling the keyboard much like playing the piano. I have to try a little harder on my phone, as good as it is.

Yesterday, Karen from ColchesterSoup reminded me that it’s been some time since I’ve blogged. Ever the inspiring friend, she often helps me remember what I’d like to do. And I’d like to explain the dedication at the beginning of The Lemay Leveller to ColchesterSoup.

First an explanation for those not in the know: Karen brought @ColchesterSoup to our community. It is a concept tried and tested in Detroit. The idea is simple, if my long winded explanation may be…

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Jess Phillips: Voice Of Doom With An Agenda

Turning the Tide

When I read this yesterday: ‘Asked if Labour could win [the next general election] she [Jess Phillips] said: “The honest answer is: ‘no, absolutely not;’ my initial reaction was curiosity.

So please tell me Jess, how long have you had this gift of prophecy? Long odds betting must be a nice little earner on top of your ‘meager’ MP’s salary of £74,000 plus expenses. I expect you had a little flutter on Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership when it was still a 200/1 bet. And what odds did you get when you placed your bet on the Tories winning a majority? Must have a nice little nest egg by now.

Ok yes, I’m being sarcastic, but that’s because none of us can predict the outcome of the next general election, particularly in such uncertain times. The ripples set in motion by the financial crash are altering the electoral landscape across…

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One Day Quilted Blanket

Erin Summers Norman

Hello everybody!

I wanted to write a quick blog about one of my favourite hobbies: quilting.  This particular blanket that I’m showing you today does not use any “patchwork” which many people think of as what defines a quilt.  In truth “quilting” is the process used to sandwich (sew) your front/back and wadding (if using) all together.  You can quilt in beautiful patterns on top of beautiful patchwork or a single piece of material.

I do a lot of patchwork but I had this material that I wanted to do something with.  This material is actually one of a pair of curtains, the other curtain panel is hanging in Alex’s bedroom.  As long as we’ve had those curtains hanging in his room I’ve been intending to do something creative with the remaining curtain panel, because it’s vintage material and really should be used and appreciated!

Day before yesterday I decided…

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The Joys of Colouring

Erin Summers Norman

I’ve noticed a huge trend recently in the sale of colouring books, pens and magazines, all touting the wonders of adults colouring as a means to reduce stress and boost creativity.

I have been a devout colourer-inner for as long as I can remember, I love most types of artistic expression and I was buying (then obscure) “adult” (as in difficulty level, not content) colouring books years ago before this was a big trend.  As with all things, when you’ve enjoyed them for a long time and then suddenly everyone is doing it too, I am resisting the urge to say “I told  you so!”

Colouring isn’t for everyone, nothing is for everyone (except kindness and love and a few other good things like that)  But colouring does help me, and I then produce work largely of my own design that is fit to hang on my wall as a…

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